dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Therese reconsidered in the light of current events.

As we all know, the chief reason that we were supposed to hate Therese is that she was ‘irrationally’ jealous of Anthony’s friendship with Liz. This backfired badly not only because she was later proven to be right about worrying that her marriage was a sham and that Anthony wanted to cheat or that Pattersons were too greedy and selfish to see that they didn’t have the right to interfere in her life; it also failed because Lynn was being dishonest with herself. She clearly wanted to depict jealousy as being wrong while being consumed with it  in real life. Her blanket condemnation of Rod’s staff as brainless eye-candy that have designs on her marriage come not from the evidence of her senses but from the paranoid need to find enemies to slay. Not only were these women no threat to her, they probably resent being depicted as his harem. It also ruffles Rod’s feathers to some extent to be depicted as so unprofessional, he can’t keep his hands of his employees. What makes it all the more annoying is that not only does she depict a woman who’s as jealous as she is as a bad person, her suspicions were misplaced; after all, Rod had his affair with one of her employees.

Tags: lynn vs rod

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