dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Pattersons and the police.

One of the more interesting things about the strip is the consistently negative portrayal of both law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Whenever a Patterson is filled with the desire to inflict swift and blinding violence upon an enemy, you can count on a police officer pouting that he’d have to arrest our hero for doing what was right. Similarly, criminal trials are presented as being a vast waste of time; the careful procedures that prevent the defendant’s rights from being trampled by the fickle passions of a lynch mob are regarded as a silly hindrance to the transformative  power of mindless mayhem. They still believe that Howard Bunt had been given the kid glove treatment when, in fact, his sentence was the firmness that the facts allowed; they wish for his eradication and anything that prevents that is a useless folly. The impulse to condemn the forces of law and order seems to come from the same need to malign the people of Lynn Lake; just as the people of Rod’s home town were bad and selfish because they didn’t bow down and worship a haughty jerk who made no secret of her hatred of them, policeman and judges are beneath contempt because they don’t understand that her needs take precedence over the Man’s laws. I’m convinced that when she tossed Aaron out into the snow, a police constable offered to adjust her attitude for her; since the man didn’t understand how perfectly awful things were, he and his fellows have been condemned ever since.

Tags: lynn versus the real world

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