dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The allegiance factor

In retrospect, it seems that the whole point of the boy’s night out was to prove that John is not tempted by things that never tempted him in the first place. We were reminded that he got married as soon as possible so that he wouldn’t have to date, do his own housework or cook his own meals. This, strangely enough, is seen as a virtue in the Foobiverse; men and women are supposed to get married as soon as possible as a means of discovering who they are; this is because Lynn thinks that introspection is a trap that prevents one from getting a spouse, kids, a mortgage with a balloon payment and all the other things that show the world that one is a can-do, work-a-day member of whitebread society. She sincerely believes that if you start wondering what it’s all about, ‘it’ will all fall down. John cannot thus allow himself to have a social life or friends; he must be shown to prove his allegiance to his inescapable social destiny and be the best possible asshole husband to his put-upon wife he can be. Now that he’s done so, things can return to normal.


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