dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The last collection.

As you probably have learned by now, the current collection is the last one Lynn intends publishing. Her reasoning seems to be that since the Pattersons’ story has come to the desired conclusion of Liz marrying a clammy, deceitful worm, revisiting the past by compiling collections of the new-runs would be irrelevant. After all, if people wanted to know how they got to their lavender and teal happy ending, all they need to do is to buy the relevant collections. This, strangely enough, seems like the best decision she’s made in a while. Not only does it prevent her legacy from being corrupted by the massive amount of revisionist history she’s inflicted upon the world, it helps save her reputation as a creator. Her fans might not notice the glaring contradictions and logical errors in the thirty seconds they devote to thinking about life in Retconville; if they were to have the strip in book form, even they might notice she’s making a hash of things. 

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat

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