dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Connie-Ted relationship: a further reconsideration.

As we’ve seen, Lynn has decided to remove Connie’s trip to Montreal from history; instead of her desperate pursuit and humiliating rejection by Phil and feelings of loathing brought on by the knowledge that, not only did she not get a man, she wasn’t there for her injured son, she is now depicted as being pathetically grateful that Elly talked her out of doing anything like that. This has got me to thinking that she’s about to make another embarrassing display of her fealty to the Pattersons as they convince her to avoid Ted as if he were an incontinent, radioactive leper with Tourette’s syndrome. His conversion from the hot-to-trot swinger of 198X into a younger version of the pathetic loser of 200X helps out a lot. Lynn might even depict John as being an active participant in Operation Block Ted At All Costs. This is, of course, because she wants to remind Rod of the man she thinks he should be (the loyal serf of a benevolent despot) instead of the ungrateful fool she thinks he is. It’s the same impulse that had her marry Liz off to a douche whose sole virtue is that he’ll never take her away from her mother and insist that she start cranking out grandkids; her family’s needs take a back seat to her own desires.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, ted: playah dood, the reload

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