dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Beta-testing the Pattersons....

As you probably know by now, Lynn sent about six months worth of strips to the syndicate so they could know what to expect from her. This is why the Pattersons of the first few months act so out of character; she hadn't quite decided who these people were so their behavior runs counter to what we grew to expect of them even as short as a year later. Given that the humor was appallingly unfunny and the cultural references embarrassingly dated, it seems obvious that the Powers that Be were really desperate to sign a married woman cartoonist so as to fill the legal need that showed up. Lynn was really lucky that all the other artists, while more competent, scared the crap outta the boys in the black shoes. The fact that other, better artists were rejected for being too progressive for the board of directors of her syndicate is not, however, something she admits or probably even knows; she can't be bothered to ask questions like that because it would mean that her success wasn't destined to be. She'd rather not think that her success was a fluke; that would mean she'd have to be grateful and we all know that's not her nature.

Tags: foob history

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