dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Envy: "Who's guding meeeeeeeee?"

As much as these jerks have, you can't help noticing they always seem to want more. Lizardbreath seems to live her life wanting what others got without putting in the effort to get it. This, of course, is the root of her disastrous sojourn up North. She sat theregroaning about the people who live exciting, fulfilled lives in an exotic setting without realizing that it would take hard work to pull it off or that she could have just as easily contributed to the world where she was. She then proceeded to get smug and lazy, thusd setting herslef up to get her fingers burned. She and her brother also seem to covet an impossible ideal in terms of real estate, as well. Their pointless search for a perfect retail fit in an off-the-rack world has had negative consequences for their sister, leaving her so starved for affection she's willing to compromise the saftey of two preschoolers just 'cause someone makes a half-hearted attempt to reach out. Of course, they picked up this nasty habit of wanting what other people got from MonsterMom Elly, who lives a frustrated life because she isn't living up to some insanely high ideal. This makes her so very angry, don't it?
Tags: liz: whining martyr

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