dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

You can dress'em up but there's no where to go.....

One of the stranger parts of life in the early Foobiverse was that John and Elly were always going to formal occasions of some sort or another. For example, the arc that had the three strips we saw from 1 April 2009 to 3 April inclusive were originally part of a story-line that had them go to a full-dress New Years' Eve party where John got drunk. Its change to the two of them going to a restaurant for an Evening Out is revisionist history that actually makes a bit of sense. They used to hit the town a lot anyway so it doesn't matter why they hired the sitter. Their social life, as you know, come to a gradual end the older they got; it seems to me that they didn't feel that they needed to spend evenings out because, well, they had each pther and they likes their own company just fine. Why go out when they could have comfortable evenings at home? It seems odd that when Lynn got Rod to move to Corbeil so she could go to a fancy party for once, she'd seemingly started to lose her taste for them but stranger things have happened. If I didn't have the sneaking suspicion that her discomfort was born from seeing Rod be the center of attention, I'd shrug and mutter "whatever."

Tags: foob history

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