dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The end of the recipes…..

As you know, the current incarnation of the Letter from Elly had become a Recipe from Elly owing to a combination of Lynn’s boredom with the idea of sending a weekly note from the Pattersons and a dislike of having to read all the feedback they generated. It now seems that the recipes themselves will be dropped. I’m, of course, basing this on a distinct lack of recipes from preferred sources in this week’s CT and the fact that the last two were not for meals Mommy and her smalls could make but arts and crafts projects that produce substitutes for store-bought items that are more expensive and messier than what they’re meant to substitute for. Given that the children’s book is due to arrive soon, I should think that she’ll start showing pictures of local pets with an invitation for her fans to show us their Farleys, Edgars, Dixies and other pets. It should be noted that if I’m right, there’ll be a distinct lack of pictures of cats owing to her belief that they’re sneaky and mean.

Tags: coffee talkers, lynn: failed creator

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