dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Pattersons and the box.....

It seems to me that the soap-opera story line gives us examples of two of the more annoying trends within the strip. The first irritating cliche is that a Patterson is presented as trying to defend a habit other people simply do not care about. Elly both yearns to have the approval of those around her and wishes to confirm to herself that everyone thinks and acts just like her; the idea that people are not interested in the things that impress her terrifies her. If people can be allowed to not like the things she does, it means she's not special after all.

The other aggravating thing about this arc is that it allows Lynn to lambaste the medium of television. Back before she had texting and the Interwebs to be frightened by, she engaged in moral panic about how TV waas enslaving helpless women like Elly and thus tearing them away from important things like ignoring their children while cleaning attics so that the baby-sitter won't find a stray speck of dust or something.

Tags: lynn: failed creator

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