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Pablo the unnecessary and Pete the prosaic.....

In the original version of Foob history, Pete Landry was the only person that Connie, who was originally a local girl, ever dated. He was clearly acknowledged to have left her and their son about a few months before the curtain rose on the Pattersons. This is not a pleasant thing to have happened but it does do so; we were left with the assumption that he, while not living too far way, managed successfully to pretty much fade from her view. If pressed, Lynn would probably have said he'd moved closer to his work. She then decided that he, who was never meant to appear, would have to be more distant so as to make his invisibility make sense to her; that's because his being a dead-beat dad living in Toronto didn't feel right to her despite its being the most likely way things would work. This is why she had him go back to Brazil; it's also about the same time that she decided to change who Connie was; instead of a woman who got messed up because the only man she ever loved never loved her, she mutated into a woman who struck out at finding Mister Right twice. Pete thus became the jerkwad control freak who couldn't hack having to deal with some other guy's kid; I should also think that the melanin content of his skin decreased. This way, Pete could live in Toronto and Lawrence as-yet-to-be-named Dad could live in Rio. He only got a name when someone needed to scare Mike when Deanna was working the need to explore new things out of her system like a good little Foob; he appeared as a visible representation of the fear that a pasty white woman would fall for someone swarthy only to vanish when revealed how feeble that threat was.

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