dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connie's hidden struggle with depression.....

As you know, Lynn likes to beat us over the head with the things Connie supposedly became to keep her marriage to Pete a going concern. We have Elly foaming at the mouth because she 'became' an artsy, artistic blonde, expert cook and SAHM. This sort of thing was repeated with every man who caught her eye; she emphasized the personality traits that she thought would be most likely to please him. To turn around and blame men for this seems a bit much unless, of course, they're knowingly taking advantage of Connie's real problem. This is because I find myself agreeing with clio_1's belief that Connie has been quietly struggling with clinical depression all her life; she might have the rare manic phase but usually she views the world through a prism of self-loathing and focuses mostly on the negatives in her life. She knows intellectually that she should be grateful for what she has but cannot use that knowledge to fight off her demons. What makes this alarming is that we remember that Liz is walking in her footsteps; she too spent most of her life struggling with this and losing.

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