dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mike and whining: the greatest love affair evah!!

As we all know, the most annoying thing about Mike wasn't that he was destructive, that he was slow on the uptake or that he didn't have much respect for the people around him, it was that every word out of his mouth was in the form of a whine. Let's as a for instance explore how he reacts to the presence of Lizzie. First off, he whimpers that it's not FAAAAAAIIIIIRRRRRR that Mom and Dad do all this stuff with her and ignore him. It doesn't matter to the scruffy little git that she's pretty much helpless, he wants to be paid attention to despite his being more autonomous. Whiny resentment led directly to aggression explained with an outraged howl as every punishment for bullying or name calling was greeted with a pout about how they loved her more than they loved him. He also moaned and simpered about cleaning his room, doing his homework and having to pay his own way in life. It's kind of no wonder that John longed to pack him off to Exile Farm so much. The worst thing is that John and Elly never broke him of that habit; he now whines about his evil mother-in-law, his troll-like neighbors and those weird half-people that make demands on his time.

Tags: mikerobe: the universal infant

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