dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Marian the not-so-great......

As we all know, Mike idolized his grandmother Marian. It's hard to see why, though. The sequence that had him wax rhapsodic about how swell a lady she was faithfully recorded her blowing him off, dumping him in a peeved Grandpa Jim's lap and enjoying her favorite past time: chewing Elly out for her imaginary inadequacies. Whenever we saw the old doll, she ran her mouth about how lazy, spoiled and immature Elly was, how her cooking and cleaning didn't measure up and how disappointed she always was in her. Her Liography said she did all that to keep Elly from being a spoiled petty tyrant; the message I got was that she did that because she was herself tyrannical and small-minded. The end result was that Elly burned herself into the ground doing pointless busywork she hated trying to please a woman who couldn't be pleased and collecting junk she didn't need so that people would take her seriously. That's, of course, because her dizzy old meataxe of a mom was the source of the Pattersons' love of needlessly complicating their lives with clutter; the only one to escape that was April who fell in with Jim's bizarre, unfoobly habit of only keeping one or two souvenirs.

Tags: chinnuts, elly: lynn's fantasy self, grate grandmother marian

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