dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Modernity and Kool-Aid Nation.

As I said a while back, Lynn has officially declared that the new-runs are taking place in the present day. Granted, it’s a present day that has a rotary phone in the Pattermanse and flat screen TV in the sports bar John frequents but the Pattersons we see now are living in the year 2009. I’ve also mentioned that it would be difficult to get Lynn’s more fanatical apologists to realize this. In their minds, we’re back in the year 1980; a simpler time when values were different so we should stop criticizing the way the characters behave and just let behavior that was archaic even then just wash over us like zombies and idiots. That dog, as they say, don’t hunt; John and Elly were behind the curve modernity-wise back then and they did not live in the countryside despite what the Inmans and Anna Ms of Winnipeg would have us believe. They lived in a suburb forty minutes from downtown Toronto and they, as I said, were regarded as being old fashioned by their neighbors and friends. To see them act like they think it’s the Eisenhower administration her in the era of Obama is even more ridiculous and less defensible; to be told to stop being mean to Lynn and let her pass that off as normal is simply not permissible. If Lynn can say what she wants, we can too.

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