dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly and gossip: the Devil’s own DJ

As you might have guessed, Elly hasn’t got the courage to admit that she does a lot of the things she does. An example of this is her whimpering refusal to admit that she loves to gossip about other people. She loves to reveal the secrets friend C expected to stay secrets to friend A when she knows that A wants excuses to feel superior to C. Granted, she thinks that’s only fair because she betrays A’s trust in her to C at the drop of a dime but that does not make it right. The only thing that soothes my jangled nerves when I see Elly talk smack about her friends behind their backs is that she falsely assumes that she herself is not the victim of this sort of thing; it might be that A and C get together and laugh at her idiocy without her knowledge because she’s too stupid to expect it.

Tags: anne achronism, connie: the real lynn, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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