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Versus, foiled again.

I've noticed something over the two and a half years I've been posting to this blog: I find myself typing the word "versus" far too much. That's because, as we all know, the Pattersons are always doing battle with someone or something. So far, we've seen:

  1. The three-way battle between Elly, Annie and Connie to see which failure is the best parent.

  2. The inconclusive struggle between Bachelor Ted and Family Man John.

  3. The pointlessly divisive struggle between extrovert Mike and timid Lizzie.

  4. The futile and idiotic war between April and Becky who didn't even know she was at war.

  5. The imbecilic struggle between spineless homebody Liz and career woman Therese.

  6. The incomprehensible cold war between John and Elly over his unfair desire to pin down what she wanted

It's obvious that if the strip had continued, we'd be seeing a pointless and brutal knife-fight to see which set of grandkids Elly preferred to ignore. This is because Lynn seems to have not been paying attention in English Lit. While it is true that conflict is the key to drama, it's equally true that said conflicy must have a point to it. If people are doing battle just because they have to, that means that they delude themselves with an endless array of false dichotomies. Given that most of the either or questions I've seen would best be answered with the word "neither", it seems as if that has come to pass.</p?

Tags: lynn versus the real world

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