dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connie’s trip to Montreal reloaded.

It looks as if Lynn is, after all, about to do a new-run version of Connie’s trip to Montreal to beg Phil into reconsidering their non-relationship. We can probably look forward to a failed attempt to make him look like a selfish cad that backfires hilariously owing to Lynn’s inability to see that chivalrous behavior isn’t a crime. Just as John is demonized for the horrible sin of opening doors for Elly, Phil will be depicted as Evil Incarnate for being a gentleman. I know this because I know what the new envenoming incident is: Phil’s refusal to not answer Connie’s letters. In the real world, this would be praised as an act of gallantry; he knows that Connie is fairly lonely and would appreciate knowing that even if he isn’t going to be Mr Connie, he still thinks of her as a friend. Elly, sadly, will continue to twist this into a bad thing; she’ll harp and moan and gripe about how he’s leading Connie on so much, her friend will start buying into her thinking. When Connie screws up by staying in the city instead of going to an injured Lawrence, not only will she look more pathetic, Elly will look more heinous. That’s because she’ll blame the whole thing on Phil and Connie despite being the cause of all the scream and shuttle.


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