dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Objects of Malice.....

Every so often we get a reminder of just how paranoid Lynn can be; I'm not talking about the regular kind of paranoia that has the Pattersons convinced that people are talking about them behind their backs or are trying to overthrow them or anything. I'm talking about the brand of paranoia that has them convinced that inanimate objects crave their ruin. An example of this annoying trend is the Malevolent Bath Duck. Whenever this vulcanized nemesis appears, something untoward happens to a Patterson. What's more, it has a partner: the Evil Toy Boat of doom. One time, April fell under its spell and disobeyed Elly's vaguely-worded orders; Farley died as a result. At least, that's how the Pattersons look at it; it can't be that they're inept, unlucky or stupid. Everything bad that happens to them has to be the result of a plot against them. If it isn't a person doing them harm, it's got be something else that's out to get them.

Tags: one big oblivious family

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