dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Warren or Blandthony: Caught between two liars.

I'd like to continue my diversion from last week's thread to sort of start predicting the future beyond the time-freeze. We don't have nearly enough time in the strip for the great big wedding of Elly and Liz's dreams, thereby saving her from the awful fate of unfulfilled spinsterhood. [/sarcasm] This means the remaining time not spent praising Michael for his lottery win or hypocritically upbraiding April will be invested in her deciding which of her available suitors gets to be Mr. Liz Patterson. I've devoted too much time here demolishing Anthony, so it's only fair that Warren take HIS turn in the spotlight. The Pattersons all agree on what a neat guy he is, which makes him suspect (to say the least) almost immediately. Given their hapless incapacity to look beneath the surface of other people's behaviors, they've embraced any number of questionable people. They all praise him for 'saving' Liz from the 'heartbreak' of the collapse of her 'relationship' with Paul, all the while not stopping to ask what was in it for him. Having never heard the phrase 'ulterior motive' in their lives, they have no clue he plopped her in the middle of a huge mess for the selfish motive of getting back together with her. Since she doesn't have the courage to rebuff the prick (after all, she collapses into a heap when Blandthony is mentioned AND she didn't wanna phone the fuzz when HowardErk showed up AT HER HOUSE!!), we're in for years of futile hand-wringing because she can't decide which sub-par dick to marry; Elly having programmed her to believe that she's nothing without a man, the silly twit can't possibly come up with the right answer: NONE OF THE ABOVE.
Tags: liz: whining martyr

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