dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly Patterson: villain protagonist.

As you all know, we spent the last few years of the strip wondering why it was that Lynn lavished so much praise on the repulsive figure of Anthony. He had no wit, charm, humor or decency despite the constant claims otherwise. This incessant shilling of a grasping, selfish, whiny, immature, obnoxious, fearful drone as if he were all nine worthies was a little thing that tvtropes.org likes to call 'shilling the Wesley'. It was painful to behold Liz being reminded of all his fictitious virtues. Now that he’s out of the picture for a while, there’s a new face of Ultimate Evil in the Foobiverse: Elly herself. Back in the old days, she was merely selfish, ignorant, superficial, greedy, impatient, controlling, short-sighted and mean but now that we see a new version of her history, we ‘fill in the blanks’ to see that she’s utterly incapable of being grateful for the things she has. The old Elly looked like she knew how lucky she was; the new-ruin version of her doesn’t have that virtue. Knowing that she will never realize that her hatefulness, hypocrisy and self-absorption will end up ruining her children, we can safely give Elly her right name by calling her a villain protagonist. This is not to say that Lynn is aware that she’s got people cheering on a bad person; since she lives in a weird and misspelled fantasy bubble, she probably thinks that Elly’s behavior is justified.

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, lynn: failed creator

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