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Lynn does Canada AM

On 22 May 2009, Lynn was interviewed on the CTV morning news program 'Canada AM' about the kids' book. The result could best be described as disastrous. The interviewer, a Marci Ien, started things off by alluding to the fact that Lynn's popularity had taken a hit; being reminded that she's slowly being shoved off the page wasn't something she liked. Lynn's inability to remember Ms Ien's first name didn't make her look any better. It made her look like a gushy old lady whose memory was starting to go on her. Trying to lie her ass off about the writing process in front of people who employ fact checkers to, well, check facts was another point against her. Most people would easily realize that the publisher held her hand all the way after hearing something like that. This impression would be given more confirmation by the artwork; since it's far better than what Lynn usually produces, the average viewer would assume at the very least that the publisher stood over her shoulders and complained about the quality; at most they hired someone to clean up her mess. Her greatest sin, however, was not lying about the book; it was, instead, trying to derail the interview and promote the new-ruins. It quickly become obvious that she'd tuned out Ms Ien because she had something to sell: a failed creative experiment. Was she aware that her incoherent rambling made her look unprepared or that her jumping off on a tangent made it look as if all she did was sign her name to the hard work of others. Certainly not; she came there to promote her strip and she did. That's all that mattered to her.

Tags: lynn: failed creator

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