dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The non-interest factor: John's practice.

As we all know, Rod's dental practice has never really interested Lynn very much. The only thing about it that ever held her attention for more than five seconds was his habit of hiring people who she thought he was cheating on her with. Other than that, she couldn't trouble herself to relate to his working life and it shows. First off, she, as I've remarked on before, depicts him as being bad at his job and hating it. This, of course, is putting her thoughts and words about how only suckers work for a living in his brain and mouth. Next, she displays complete ignorance of how a small business like his works. If he, for instance, is away from the office, she foolishly and ignorantly assumes that he can't and won't rearrange his schedule to compensate. This is dumb of her and shows how out of touch she is. I know from experience that medical professionals are in the habit of arranging things so that they don't have to deal with a pile of appointments on their return from vacations, conventions and the like. What she's doing is thinking that his working life is like her own; when she takes a vacation, the deadline looms ahead of her like a looming thing and she has to work like a piston to keep up. Since she cannot imagine how other people think, she takes the shortcut of assuming that they too are under the gun all the time.

Tags: lynn versus the real world

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