dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connie: the female Ted.

In the strip that was published on 27 May 2009, we gained a new and disturbing insight into what makes the new-ruin era Connie tick; just as Ted told John to blow off the kids are go bar-hopping and check out the local action when Elly was visiting her parents, Connie advises her to do the same damned thing. The reason is fairly simple in both cases; neither party seems to have much real respect for the sanctity of the Pattermarriage. Ted wants John to cheat because he thinks that his pal is trapped in the velvet chains of monogamy while Connie believes that since John, as a man, cheats anyway, Elly might as well do likewise. Neither party is especially likable and both of them will end up looking foolish towards the end of the week. This is, of course, the point. They exist to show us how perfect Elly is; John, while tempted, realizes that he has a good thing going while Elly will insist on not enjoying herself because she’ll be too worried about what John is up to. Neither of the two, sadly, will give a rat’s ass about what the short ones think or feel; that would mean surrendering to their children.

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