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Well, I never…….

One of the things we all share in this life is that we regret lost opportunities. It doesn’t take too much mental effort to realize that each person we encounter has a mental list of things that he or she wishes that he or she had the chance to do, places that he or she would have liked to go, people that he or she would have liked to have met and things that he or she wishes that he or she wishes they could somehow undo. Elly Patterson’s mental list has a rather pathetic entry on the top of that fourth category: “Express gratitude for the people in my life.” She, given her paranoia, victimism and humorlessness, never really to the time to enjoy the life she led. Instead of being like an Erma Bombeck and laughing quietly at her own folly she took everything too damned seriously. She does know that she’s in the wrong but she doesn’t seem to see that she can quit feeling bad and not get jammed up. Thirty years of crap like that sort of took its toll; that’s because her children have a hard time being happy too. This is why she doesn’t really trust John, I should think; she’s convinced that since nothing good can happen, he pretty much has to cheat.

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