dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The non-refusal factor.

Somewhere in the discussion of Elly’s yapping about the Big Giant Gigolo an interesting point was brought to our attention. Simply put, when a man goes to the effort of asking a woman out, it’s not only her fault that this happen (as evidenced by that whole ‘acting single’ craziness), she can’t deny said lout. It seems as if that if Neanderthal X invites Doormat Y to become his girlfriend, he can be as big a jerkass as he wants so long as he doesn’t cheat on her and it’s her duty to take it. This raises, of course, a horrific possibility; what if Lynn thinks that the Going-After was somehow justified. We know that she has strange beliefs about how men and women should interact so it’s not hard to assume that she thinks that there are penalties that must be paid when a woman dares to violate one of the rules that only exist inside her head. Simply put, if Liz had been a good girl and accepted Howard’s invitation to form a relationship, he wouldn’t have been forced to do what he did. It’s thinking like that that makes life sheer Hell for victims of abuse so it’s sort of appalling that a person like Lynn has the influence she has.

Tags: lynn versus the real world

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