dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The reckless endangerment poop joke

As we all know, the new-ruins have yet to re-run the sequence wherein Lawrence gets injured on Elly’s watch; that was painful to see because Connie failed him by pursuing Phil and letting the negligent idiot she’d entrusted her son to feign sympathy for the result of her witless refusal to watch over him. The current arc that has Lawrence rushing home so that he can defecate in a familiar setting bids fair, at least to me, to be its new-ruin replacement. That’s because I’ve noticed some disturbing parallels. First off, Connie left Lawrence in Elly’s care so she could pursue her own interests. Second, Lawrence is engaging in an inherently-risk behavior for a strange reason. Third, Elly is too damned busy whining about how kids are being unfair by pretending that they don’t think like she does to notice what he’s up to. All we need now is for him to end up in the hospital after getting mangled. 

Tags: child rearing disasters, the reload

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