dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Of shy bowels and traditional values.

As howtheduck noted, this is probably the first time that any creator has gone in depth about the psychological problem of Shy Bowel Syndrome. While it’s refreshing in an odd way that Lynn managed to capture how debilitating it is for Lawrence to be unable to defecate in unfamiliar surroundings, the means by which she did so get me to thinking two horrifying things. First, as howtheduck pointed out, it looks as if Connie is either too dim to realize that her son has a problem or too inept and lazy to care enough to let other people know. Secondly, since they are about to be caught out doing something stupid, Mike and Lawrence’s antics are about to ‘prove’ that Elly has no business going out by herself; bcrowessteffi is probably on to something when she thinks that Lynn wants us to believe that if Elly had stayed home where she belonged instead of ‘acting single’, none of the drama we’re in the middle of would be happening. John can do what he wants because he’s the man but Elly is more or less chained to the hooooome; it’s ‘unfair’ but, in Lynn’s eyes, that’s the deal with being a wife and mother. With an attitude like that, we can safely state that the Milborough chapter of the Red Hat Society would not consider the gloomy poop for membership; she’s antisocial and has no sense of whimsy.

Tags: connie: the real lynn, elly: lynn's fantasy self, lynn versus the real world

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