dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

She plotted a perfectly good waste.

The worst thing in the world about the new-ruins is their replacement of positive first-run material with inconclusive and basically negative filler. The story arc that had a reproving John channel Hank Hill as he clucked his tongue at his carousing loser buddy Ted was bad enough; too bad that Lynn decided to top herself by replacing a strip that had Mike and Elly share a tender moment that had them explain that they missed John and felt incomplete without him with a subpar plotline from a sitcom. I would have preferred warm, fuzzy stuff to nonsense about two five year olds who got away with sneaking out of the house they were in to go down the block to use the toilet without flushing or washing up afterwards. All we proved with that is that Elly and Connie are stooooooopid and that without women to hover over them, men act like barnyard animals. This is why Lynn never disappoints me; she can always find a way to make things worse.

Tags: lynn: failed creator, the reload

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