dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The newest face of Coffee Talk: Lynn’s unreal blog.

Now that Lynn has started blogging, a trend has already started to manifest itself; she’s not very good at it. The first entry had her and her imaginary friends poring over photos and talking about grandchildren. This, of course, was yet another broad hint to her children that they’d better get cracking and reproduce so she can have grandkids and all her troubles will magically vanish. The next entry about a semi-fictitious character’s dying mother was another appeal to magical thinking. Lynn clearly seems to believe that if she chanted the right verbal spell, her crummy past would instantly turn into the pcture-perfect childhood of her dreams and her mother no longer resent her. You can’t tell Lynn that it doesn’t work that way. I mean that literally because not only does she not invite comments, the letters page seems to have gone the way of hoop skirts, the dodo and buggy whips.

Tags: lynn the blogger

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