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The Ugly Canadian.

As you know, Lynn has decided to share her observations about her recent trip to the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. We've only read about her first day there and patterns are already starting to emerge. This is because she can't help but say stupid things and has treated us to the following examples of arrogant ignorance:

  1. She whines about how unfair it is that her hosts have to lower themselves by making friends with local tradespeople as if it's some sort of hardship.

  2. She simpers that it's a hardship that her host's daughter is forced to communicate with her male friend in Spanish.

  3. She witnesses a particularly brutal labor dispute and willfully misinterprets headbreaking and oppression that hasn't occurred in the overstuffed North in sixty years as a beef over the freshness of donuts in the teacher's lounge.

  4. She regards Mexico as nothing more than an exotic backdrop for her time in the sun; the notion that the brown people have hopes, dreams and a culture deeper and broader than her own simply never entered her mind.

This is because Lynn is a victim of something I like to call "growing up stupid under the Red Ensign". She was raised to think of people south of the Rio Grande as either stupid or sinister and has made little effort to disabuse herself of her preconceptions. We see this attitude pop up in the strip when we see that John and Elly regard Mexico as little more than a twenty-four hour buffet table where the waiters pretend to not understand English no matter how loud they have to shout.

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