dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Kelpfroth Theorem: Fear of a Kielbasa Planet

One thing I notice is the absurd surnames the Author gives to those meant to be of Eastern European descent. You know what I mean : "Kelpfroth", "Krelbutz", "Gluttson" and so forth. If challenged, she'd probably hide behind a lame excuse that Dickens used odd-sounding names for his characters. That's as may be, but when Dickens used picturesque names in a story, EVERYONE had an odd surname, not just the people he didn't like. The feeling you get here is an animus against those of Slavic heritage. This also explains the contempt we are obviously meant to have for Mira Sobinski. It's like StaLynn is a know-nothing from the eighteen hundreds boiling with rage at the prospect of lesser breeds telling a decent Anglo-Saxon man like Michael how to live his life. I'd also be willing to wager she thinks the Magic Writing Fairy is in a mixed marriage and that his halfbreed children will never be as good as pure Aryan children like Gordo's. This also explains Elly's refusal to have anything to do with them, too! She don't wanna have nothing to do with no ethnics! This dimwitted racist screed seems way too PERSONAL to me. I have the awful feeling that most of the women her philandering jerkoff high-school sweetheart cheated on her with had way too many consonants in their last name for her liking; the 'overuse' of the letter 'Z' was porobably the sticking point.
Tags: my brain needs a shower!!

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