dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly and the kids retake Vancouver.

As you know, the first story line of what was supposed to be the first year of the Hybrids (but instead turned out to be filler while we were waiting for Dee to find the Miracle Dress) was Mike telling Merrie and Robin about the time Elly took him and Lizzie out West to see Jim and Marian. Marian was supposedly some sort of super-great grandparent despite the fact that she too ignored him and he spent most of his time with Jim. As could have been predicted, Jim was a bit testy because he wanted to bond with Mike and the kid wanted no part of it. It seems to aprilp_katje that since history has been reset that we're about to see it (or its replacement) fairly soon. If that's the case, prepare to see Mike be even brattier, Lizzie clingier, Jim more of a grump, Marian be more judgmental and Elly a bigger martyr.

Tags: the reload

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