dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The empty middle ground.

As I've mentioned before, the Pattersons do things in an odd manner when it comes to parenting. When confronted with their children, they either ignore them completely or drop everything they're doing and give in to what their kids want. They never seem to do the right thing and pay the appropriate amount of attention to their children. This, sadly, is because they believe things that are not so. The first unbelievable belief is the importance of the job they're doing and how it cannot be interrupted. As we've seen, that's just not the case; Elly might think that she has to do load after load of laundry every day but she doesn't. She can actually take time to play with Lizzie and Mike and thus bond with them and make her life better. That is, of course, assuming she wanted to. That's because she's like the Dee, Mike and Liz of the Declining Years in that she believes that children shouldn't actually be playing. Apparently she took her nutbar of a mother at her word when she said that nice children sat quietly and stared off into space instead of yelling and disturbing someone with a hangover. Since Elly is too stupid to realize that her family wasn't normal, she makes a lot of mistakes that ruin her life.

Tags: child rearing disasters, grate grandmother marian, one big oblivious family

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