dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

More lost opportunities: Ted!

Another problem with the over-emphasis on the lives of Michael, Liz and April is that we don't get any follow-through on John and Elly's friends. I remember that in the first years of the strip, John's friend Ted was sort of a fixture. The D-grade Lothario could be counted on to screw up his love life with his unrealistic and condescending attitude towards women, with his long-suffering mother giving him an increasingly weary 'There, there, Dear.' after his latest fuck-up. I remeber with disgust his screwing over Connie, his failed mariage to his receptionist and all the other disasters caused by his endless sense of entitlement. The problem is that Lynn seems to have passed the asshat ball from him to Michael. Instead of doing what she should and have near-empty nesters John and Elly wring their hands over what the idiot will do now that Mommy isn't there to console him, our Author has them cleaning up MIKE's messes. She seems to think she should keep the Core Four pretty much together instead of a having a flunky start up a companion strip featuring the second generation, so she has to make Mike into Ted 2.0 and destroy his credibility and likeability. He's not the only one subbing for a contemporary, as we'll see tomorrow.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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