dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Accidental FOOBist: further adventures of the Ugly Canadian.

Now that Lynn has shared her impressions of the third and fourth day of her trip with the world, more annoying patterns have emerged. The first of these is that she seems to have been completely unprepared for the realities that face her. We learned this when she ignored the fact that the funny, funny man that woke her up at five was not only selling fuel, he was selling clean drinking water. She proceeded to use tap water on her vegetables and give Katie a bad case of diarrhea; diarrhea she treated with an over-the-counter medicine that was way too powerful. The next pattern is her inability to tell one Mexican from the other; in her mind, they seem to be a sea of brown faces. The idea that they have individual identities, hopes and dreams is beyond her; when this is posited, she nods and smiles as if to indulge the delusion that they are as good as we are. The worst error by far though is her willful refusal to understand local history. When she isn't blaming the downfall of a civilization on the marital habits of its leaders, she's denigrating people who know things because they dare to disabuse her of the notion that life is like Peabody's Improbable History. Unlike Jay Ward, who knew that people of the past didn't dedicate monuments to selling food and services and only said they did to mock the present day that irritated him, she would prefer to believe that the hieroglyphs the locals left behind served every-day purposes instead of informing us that on such-and-such a date, King X decreed that he was deputed by his pantheon to commit act of aggression Y against enemy nation Z on their behalf. This is, of course, because Lynn thinks that people who work towards things are suckers; it's much better to have crap handed to you on a tray like regular people.

Tags: lynn the blogger, lynn versus the real world

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