dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Self-Loathing with Lynn: the why of Cheapie Weenie Casserole.

As you know, the Pattersons eat terrible, lowest common-denominator food in a disgusting manner as night after endless night, they slop down stew that relies heavily on a canned soup base or a nasty tuna casserole that has the taste of fish hidden by the rest of the ingredients. The dreary offering is gobbled down in a noisy manner so as to avoid having to taste the awful mess. What's seemingly odd about this (but really isn't) is that Lynn seems to love the finer things in life; she knows what good food is and, based what I've seen on her appearance on cooking shows, appreciates it and eats with proper table manners. Sadly, she can't seem to cook the fancy foods she loves on a regular basis so feels ashamed when she really shouldn't; this is why she promoted loathsome offerings like Cheapie Weenie Casserole on the homepage. Since she can't cook Cordon Bleu meals on a work-a-day budget, she feels as if she's churning out swill.

Tags: self-loathing for beginners.

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