dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Holy Trinity of English-Canadian Food: Meat and Two Veg.

As we all know, John resisted Elly's odd tendency towards culinary grandstanding. In his mind, ordinary days deserved to capped off with ordinary meals while the heavy food that Elly wanted to serve him were for special occasions. This is because he's an ordinary man with simple tastes raised in an ordinary English Canadian household; that means he was raised to believe in a secular trilogy as well as the religious one. That trilogy is the fabled "Meat and Two Veg." Dinner must consist of a meat dish that's easy to make and two vegetables, one green and the other mashed. It may seem that he would want Elly to churn out the same damned thing night after night but that isn't the case; anyone with an imagination can vary the meat and the two veg and satisfy both the family that eats the food and her own instinct to be creative. Her belief that he wants to eat gray slop night after night comes from her need to be pointlessly upset.

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