dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly’s too-narrow circle of friends.

As you know, Elly established the pattern of a Patterson having a very limited social circle. For years on end, she only had the two friends: Stepford Smiler Annie and Poser Feminist Connie. Granted, Carol Enjo the normal human being appeared later on to fill the hole Connie left when she moved away but that didn’t help matters; that’s because Elly didn’t make the effort to make more friends. It just meant that when Connie eventually moved back with her spineless idiot husband and the step-daughters she treated like crap, Elly had three friends. That’s sort of a shame because the Enjo family provided the Pattersons with a more balanced perspective of the world than the lecturing hypocrites Elly seeks out as friends; she needs to hear from regular people living happy lives, not pious bushwa about the benefits of domestic perfection from a wilfully blind bovine Betty who insists on keeping her wreck of a marriage together because feeling good about herself is ‘wrong’ and rants about self-actualization from a clingy hypocrite who wrecked a bunch of lives in her pursuit of a mayyyyuuuunnnn.

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