dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Felony vandalism fantasy capsule.

The reason that so many men in the Patterverse don't object to being oopsed is that they, like their wives, are credulous nitwits who live in a state of denial. They will swallow any lie, follow any stupid suggestion and fall in line with any assassination of sanity that allows them to feel comforted and not challenge their preconceptions. What is more, they object quite vehemently to being pulled out of their fantasy capsules. One of the more annoying examples of this is that obnoxious twerp Annie. She refused to see the obvious signs that Steve was straying until it was too late; she then blamed herself for no longer being attractive when it was simply that Steve was dissatisfied with his life and wanted to escape. The way she handled it afterward was, in my opinion, destructive and stupid; rather than start fresh, she kept a ruined marriage together for appearance's sake. Another example of a chowderhead refusing to see the obvious and coming to an insane conclusion after the fact is Elly's handling of the Krelbutz mess. Rather than admit that April and Moira were right about her being a crook, she insisted on believing the comforting lie that someone thought of her as a mentor; when that pleasant fantasy was dispelled, she could no longer stand to work at the bookstore because an annoying ingrate of a child and pushy flunky had humiliated her.

Tags: foobs versus common sense.

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