dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The unity debate

One of the more annoying facets of life in the Pattermanse is that Elly maintained a double standard when it came to disciplining the children. What would generally happen is that she made a hasty refusal to a simple and harmless request and wouldn't back down because she wanted to preserve her credibility as a parent. Having the memory span of a goldfish meant that she was constantly surprised when her kids asked John if they could do the harmless thing that she denied them; she then spent endless hours berating him about the need to present a united front when it came to dealing with the children. What that meant, of course, is that he'd better back every stupid, ill-considered decision she made so she wouldn't look weak.

Sadly, she refused to show him the same consideration. Whenever he said no to something, she was always the Voice of Reason, coming to the rescue of the victims of an evil and arbitrary decision. This, as clio_1 reminds us, is a recipe for failure. The lesson that Mike, Liz and April learn is that nothing in their lives makes any sense so they'd better grab what they can when they can. Since Elly is an imbecile who cannot see why things happen, she will never figure out why her children were all so self-absorbed and sullen.

Tags: child rearing disasters

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