dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lizardbreath, the pain in everything.

It's not bad enough that Lynn has made Mike so freakishly advanced and turned a toddler into a vindictive little horror; what's worse is the reason she gives for Mike's rivalry with and domination by his little sister. It's something that annoyed me the last time I pointed it out, too: his envy of and need to do the things Lizzie does. He wants to play the same games she does, be fussed over like she does, get the same free pass on her antics and pretty much be thought of as a baby himself. This, as I'd said back then, is a load of old cobblers; the last thing any normal six-year old kid wants to be thought of as is an infant. The real Mike wanted Lizzie to stop doing baby stuff because it got in the way of the stuff he wanted to do; Lynn seems to have forgotten that and replaced the hateful-but-realistic roughneck of 1982 with the freaky little mutant of 2009.

Tags: lynn versus the real world, the reload

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