dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Keeping children inactive is child's play......

As we know, Mike and Liz spent a lot of time as children in front of the television when they could have been out playing. They may gush about all the great adventures they had and the things they saw but they're simply appropriating the Martian's past and calling their own. Why is it that they wasted so many hours passively watching the box? The answer, my friends, has its unhinged jaw flapping in the wind. As I've said oh-so-many times, Elly blew a gasket and started telling her head off whenever her kids dared disturb the pointless, useless busywork she wasted her life on. Just as Dee would do thirty years later, she yelled to find something to do that wouldn't disturb her; since her lack of attention stunted their imaginations, they did the only thing they could: imitate Mommy and veg out in front of the idiot lantern.

Tags: child rearing disasters

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