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Warning: characterization subject to change as required by plotline.

None of the character traits I've mentioned in the last two and a half years should be taken to be absolutes; Elly, for instance, can actually take an active interest in what her children are doing. She switches from Inattentive Mom to Helicopter Mom every so often in order:

1) To try to either impress people or prove them wrong.

2) To silence the voice in her head that says she doesn't spend enough time with them.


3) to be a stand-in for Lynn when she's trying to prove a point.

Of the three reasons for Elly to suddenly become a super-mom, the last one is the most common. The case that comes most readily to mind was when April tried downloading an essay off the web instead of doing the work; we not only got an extended sequence that showed us that Elly was trying her best to parent, we also got to see her do April's work for her. We don't know what, if anything, April learned because that wasn't important; what was is that we were told that Elly is on the ball despite it looking otherwise.

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