dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Stupor-mothers in the Patterverse

Elly's sudden over-attention reminded apologyhat of an annoying habit that the mothers in the Pattersons' world have: they only pay attention to the offsprings and smalls when they make noise. If the kids are playing quietly or politely asking for help with a problem, Mommy blows them off; if they holler, shriek and cry, Mommy springs into action, ready to right wrongs and triumph over evil. A lifetime of this, of course, teaches the kiddies the only way to get Mother's attention is to act out and make nuisances of themselves. The circle is made all the more vicious by Mommy's refusal to see that she's why the kiddos act in ways that confuse, alarm and disappoint her. The more they try to get her attention, the harder she tries to avoid them; eventually, they simply stop trying and let her own their horses.

Tags: child rearing disasters

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