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Friendship with the Pattersons and its discontents.

One of the nice things about the look at the Early Years, no matter how distorted it might be is that it reminds us behaviors that we originally ascribed to the Patterson family having grown selfish, entitled, narrow-minded and clannish in their old age have been part of their lives all along. One of the most annoying things is the way they piss all over the people they call friends. So far, we've seen:

  • Elly gossip with Annie about Connie when the other is not present to defend herself and vice-versa in order to keep them from becoming mutual friends. This is so that they not bypass the hypotenuse and leave her with no friends at all.

  • John defaming his friend Ted behind his back; instead of asking if he lives with his mother because she needs a care-giver, he assumes that his bachelor chum is a pathetic loser that should be shunned like a leper.

  • Mike forcing his friends to partake of his rancid literary greaseburgers because he's a world-famous-all-over-Southern-Ontario author and they're peons.

  • Liz cruelly grinning about how, since she was always a bridesmaid at her friends' weddings, she deserves to avenge herself by consigning them to her teal-and-lavender Hell on Earth.

  • The revolting way in which April pissed all over Becky rather than admit that she was jealous of her fame.

  • The disgusting way in which they'd all let Iris down by not caring that she was in over her head and pretending not to understand her understated pleas for help.

It's things like that that make me appreciate how sweet it must be to be an enemy of the Pattersons; since they treat their friends like shitheels, it's a lot less humiliating to be someone they not treat with.

Tags: one big oblivious family

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