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Weekend in the Woods with Foobs......

I have to admit that I got greedy yesterday and assumed it was the trip to Ted's cabin; that one occurred when Mike was almost done Grade One, not around the Labor Day that marked the beginning of that school year. This lesser trip affords us lesser annoyances:

Milder Martyrdom: Elly refusing to John's offer to drive because she doesn't want to have to deal with the children for once. She'd rather be hot and exhausted, thanks loads.

Milder Dickishness: John not noticing Elly's working like a piston because his head is up his arse; had he thought to look around, he might have offered to be Mister King Woodsman and show her how it was done.

Lechery: John does, on the other hand, pay attention to young women in swimsuits.

Milder Brattiness: Mike whining that there's nothing to do in the woods despite many things to do being displayed.

Pattersnarfing: Elly and the family act like happy barbarians on the drive home when they lay waste to a roadside diner.

and my personal favorite

A creepy obsession with the familiar: Mike hugging the house when they return like a man embracing his lover.

Think of it as a dry run for all their future trips away from the Pattermanse; the main thing is that they have to remind themselves how great life in their cozy prison is by scaring themselves with the novel and terrifying.

Tags: pattersons on the road

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