dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How to create a sibling-rivalry bomb.

As you know, Elly is the sort of uninvolved, inept, stupid parent who simply cannot connect her pea-brained neglect with the negative results she hates. She doesn't, for instance, realize that her hostile refusal to share time with Mike and Liz because it takes time away from wondering how her being a wife and mother happened and resenting things that come out of nowhere like that is why she has to listen to the complaint that, despite angrily yelling "Find something to do or I'll either smack you (she used to do that all the time but Lynn would prefer that we not know that) or get your father to", the offsprings are still bored. Given that one of the themes of the new-ruin era is her huffy inattention to her surroundings and letting stereotypes doing her thinking for her are seen as great and glorious things, it's clear that she views her children's interactions through the distorting lens of her own idiot preconceptions. Given the bad advice she gives her children and overweening need to punish them for non-existent crimes, it's, as I said before, sort of clear that she not only was the cause of the animosity she hated to see because it made her look bad in the public eye, she didn't know how it got started. We can safely call their years of pointless bickering and future of strained, correct but essentially hostile and unforgiving interaction one of those things that just happened, God knows why. That is, of course, assuming that we're as stupid as Elly is.

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, child rearing disasters, failure is the only option

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