dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

An aside on Pressure and how it doesn't affect Michael.

The fact that somebody would call Mike to account for his behavior would come as a nasty, inexplicable and unwelcome surprise. After all, nobody has ever stood up and forced him to confront the parts of himself that he might not like to. Not only that, but that he's had life far too soft to be good for him.
It seems to me that Michael has had a pretty sweet ride, hasn't he? Over the twenty-eight year journey we've shared with him, he doesn't seem to have had any REALLY big decisions. No matter what happens, he doesn't really need to sweat too hard or think too much because he knows that rescue will come out of the sky or from mountains far away. Given how his life is a minimum cinch, why the hell do his wife and mother think he's inches away from a massive, stress-induced heart attack? Simple; he has a rare gift for exaggeration. Just like Dear Old Mom, our boy loves to holler and scream about stuff he deep down KNOWS is unimportant just to gain undeserved sympathy. The problem comes when DESERVING people show up looking for help. Since Genius is too damned used to faking his way into the spotlight, he assumes the genuinely deprived are hamming it up, too. If he's forced to realize that they aren't, then he might start trying to live up to his rep as the stand-up husband of the future. Watching his ham-fisted humility would be almost as funny as his dimwit vanity and far less irritating.
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