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The end of the new-ruins and other hazards……

As you know, Lynn’s fans fear and hate the day when they don’t get new material; that’s because, as has been said by wiser voices than my own, that they live for their daily hit of Foob. If Lynn were to do what she really probably wanted to do and retire, they’d be beside themselves with confusion and rage. They’d also look for someone to blame for the inevitable disappearance of the strip as a phenomenon. Sadly, they have a commonality: the hatred of critical voices. The same people who view the strip as being real when things that move or impress them happen call it a light-hearted romp when someone tells them to think about what they’re reading. They’re convinced that Lynn actually reads her mail and is heart-broken because people say her column is bad; this, they think, will cause her to give up creating new Foob for them to gush over so we haters are who’ll they blame when she decides she’s bored with the strip and wants to take up painting landscapes like a serious artist.

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